Peter Gabriel – Still Growing Up Live & Unwrapped (Prog Rock DVD review)


Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel – Still Growing Up Live & Unwrapped

Peter Gabriel has always been an awesome entertainer on stage, on tape, and as an accomplished songwriter, and all of this can be experienced on his latest two set DVD, under the title of “Still Growing Up Live & Unwrapped”.

DVD one consist of a concert he played on one of the dates on his 2004 European tour, and shows Peter and Co passionately jamming to cult favorites: “Red Rain”, “The Tower That Ate People”, “Solsbury Hill” and the all time favorite “Sledgehammer”.

Just seeing brief snippets of the audience members dancing along to Gabriel’s music was an awesome sight, as this shows just how serious of a stage performer he his. The backing group of musicians for his band are brilliant as well, as they just got into the swing of things and danced alongside Gabriel to give the audience members one heck of a memorable show.

However, I was not too crazy about the quality of the picture, as it seemed very grainy and not as smooth as I am accustomed to seeing from Eagle Vision Blu-Ray and DVD releases. Maybe it was the technology available in 2004, but I was not all that impressed with the overall clarity of both DVDs.

DVD two also features a similar lineup of songs but at another venue in Europe, and some extras as well. There is exclusive film and interview footage of the band supposedly on DVD 2, which I did not come across; maybe it was embedded all the way at the end of the DVD. Also, included on this 2nd DVD was the studio performance of Peter performing to the song “Darkness”, “No Way Out” and “Growing Up” ahead of his upcoming Growing Up Live tour. This footage was pretty interesting and brought back a lot of memories from Peter’s earlier years as a singer and songwriter. There were some glimpses of his tours in India and Japan, which were very cool to see.

The overall sound production and mix here was good, nothing solid like watching it on Blu-Ray DVD, within the Dolby Theater Sound codex.

Overall, I enjoyed this two DVD set, which comes nicely package with a glossy color booklet along with the four-panel Digipac foldout.

And, yes there is a concert performance of his radio hit “In Your Eyes”, which definitely rounds out this interesting visual experience on “Still Growing Up Live & Unwrapped”. Eagle Vision   Sarjoo Devani

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Check out this emotional track "Red Rain", which made me a huge fan of Peter Gabriel, and it's atmosphere is sure to bring tears to your eyes.

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