Pestifier – Execration Diatribes (Death Metal CD review)

Pestifier - Execration Diatribes

Pestifier - Execration Diatribes

Portuguese death metal heads Pestifier play a wicked and morbid blend of sadistic and crushing blend of grinding death metal, which makes their debut CD “Execration Diatribes” a nine-track beast.
With Satanic choice cuts like “Mars Exult”, “Brutal Eruption Of Chaos” and the unholy, blasphemous lyrics of “Enslavement Of God”, among other hellish songs here, you’re in for a brutal listening experience. Pestifier is not doing anything groundbreaking, but the ancient death metal spirit found within their songs harkens back to a time when death metal was extreme and just meant to stay underground.
This devilish trio’s influences range from Krisiun, Morbid Angel to Incantation, with some of their darker rhythms and bestial-sounding growls. For a three piece group, they’re very tight and sound like a five piece band the way their multilayered rhythms and riffs come across.
I love the band’s depressive vibes with profound hatred against all forms of religion and the narrow minded bigots who continually try to brainwash millions of innocent people around the world.
The nine cut record is a little under 40 minutes, but you definitely get to feel Pestifier’s unwavering hate and darkness, which encompasses all of their songs here. With one listen to “Riding The Storms Of Hate MMXVI”, you’ll get the feeling of trapped in hell, with no way out, as you’ll feel like you’re doomed eternally. The guitar work on this song especially reminds of early Morbid Angel mixed up with Krisiun and Incantation, which is a complete lethal combination of styles when you think about it.
The production on this album is pretty good considering they’ve such a raw and rough edge to their style and sound of death metal on “Execration Diatribes”.
“Pestifier” is the crucifier of Jesus Christ, and you know what, this album is a kick in the ass of Christianity and other organized religions the world over.   Lavadome Productions         Sarjoo Devani

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