Periphery – Periphery III: Select Difficulty (Progressive Metalcore album review)

Periphery III - Select Difficulty

Periphery III - Select Difficulty

Periphery – Periphery III – Select Difficulty

Periphery’s progressive metalcore is not just musically progressive but it’s mind bending in chaotic ways yet very soothing in others.

“Periphery III – Select Difficulty” is a myriad of progressive metal riffs incorporated with metallic hardcore influences, which shows the band’s awesome display within the cleanly sung vocals along with the manic hardcore style. Musically and vocally, there is tons of diversity here, and makes for a brilliant listening experience. From the emotionally, almost cried-out vocals of “Absolomb” to stage diving predictabilities of “The Price Is Wrong” and “Habitual Line-Stepper” you’re in for one hell of a ride with Periphery, as these guys will definitely twist your mind into many forms with their uniqueness.

Moreover, the mainstream, semi-pop sensibilities of “Catch Fire” is going to get you into the mood to this sing-a-long cut with its memorable and catchy choruses.

Periphery is not moving mountains with their progressive influenced metalcore, but they’re definitely going to turn a bunch of heads in a 180-degree position with their diverse, hard-hitting, groove powered, and melodically fueled metalcore.

“Prayer Position” is a solid example of what I’ve been talking about, the mixing of heavy, deep muscle bruising grooves giving way to the more melodic moments, in case you want to chill out after the chaotic upheaval here.

Last but not least, these dudes are from the USA, more specifically from Washington D.C., and this is awesome, finally a metalcore band from the states, which make so much sense musically and lyrically.

Periphery is not just heavy as hell, but they’ve plenty of emotion and substance within their well-written and arranged songs. Give it a go, and feel the rage and bliss on “Periphery III-Select Difficulty”.    Sumerian Records     Sarjoo Devani

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Check out the killer video for the mind altering track "The Price Is Wrong", which is one of my favorite songs due to its high intensity and heaviness.



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