PAUL DI’ANNO – The Beast Arises DVD



Paul Di'Anno The Beast Arises

Paul Di'Anno The Beast Arises

PAUL DI'ANNO – The Beast Arises (DVD)

This DVD release from Paul Di’Anno is mainly comprised of material from his time in Iron Maiden, so basically, you’re going to be treated to a gamut of classics. He also plays few of the songs featured on this DVD from his band Killers as well.

The band is mainly made of Polish heavy metal and Iron Maiden fans, which know the material quite well, and have opted to play as Paul’s band for the Poland show, which took place in April 2014.

Classics as “Sanctuary”, “Wrathchild”, “Murders In The Rue Morgue”, “Genghis Kahn”, “Remember Tomorrow”, “Killers”, “Running Free” and “Iron Maiden” make up bulk of the Iron Maiden classics here. The music played by the band is really well done and covered, but it is Paul’s vocals, I was not impressed with. He comes across sounding to damn harsh, and he could be doing death metal growls with the way he sounds here. Some of the songs, which he sings on, do not sound good as he just does not give that classic Maiden vibe to these audience favorites.

Paul is a good singer for his band Killers, but for the Iron Maiden songs, he is fucking boring as hell to listen to. I’d rather listen to the band just doing instrumentals of Iron Maiden classics, as this would come across a lot more fun and interesting to listen to.

“The Beast Arises” also features a few bonuses, with a ten-minute interview with Paul Di'Anno and photos of the band during their performance at the Lizard King Club in Krakow, Poland. The interview too, was okay, nothing to write home about as the interviewer asked some real generic questions, which Di'Anno gets asked a million times, I bet.

All in all, Paul Di'Anno’s performance on “The Beast Arises” was nothing to brag about, and this DVD was a total disappointment. Don’t waste your time here, as there are better DVDs you can check out. [Metal Mind]   Sarjoo Devani

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