Pareidolia – Denied Truths (Progressive Metal album review)

Pareidolia - Denied Truths

Pareidolia - Denied Truths

Pareidolia – Denied Truths

New York’s Pareidolia is one hell of a band, which play intelligent progressive metal, which is bursting with so much emotion, it’s sure to make you delve deeper in search of who you are.

Sounds pretty darn deep, huh? Yes it is, as Pareidolia play with so much emotion and conviction, you’re sure to find yourself trapped within their world of countless twist and turns at every corner. “Denied Truths” rocks with such profound musical and vocal passion, as a listener you’re definitely going to get sucked into their trance-like guitar melodies, melodically power driven vocal harmonies, and a solid rhythm section, which sure is going to make you bang your head hard.

The aerodynamic opening guitar riffs of the fist raising “Quench The Fire”, the dramatic moments of “Betrayed Within” is sure to make the floor beneath you tremble with immense force. And the chilling and darkened video for this song is something, which is sure to raise the hair on your back, haha.

“Die Living” is another song, which shows Chandler Mogel’s singing just wrap its harmonic claws around your head in dire suspense, all backed by immaculately crafted guitar riffs and rhythms. “Lie To The Angels” has a fiery power metal edge to it, reminding of early Dokken and Queensryche, but with Pareidolia’s own unique sound.

“All As One” is definitely a song more in the ballad-esque vein, with its tear-laden vocal performance, as singer Chandler lays it all on the line here.

For those of you into stage diving and headbanging like insane people at heavy metal concerts, the semi-thrash and pounding drums of “Voices II Wasting Water” is sure to get you all hyped up with adrenaline. The rhythmic grooves on this song make it very unique, especially when paired with their superb vocal performances here.

What I love most about Pareidolia is their awe-inspiring musicianship and melodic vocal parts, because guitarist Stephen Dadaian, bassist Jon-Michael Caldwell, drummer Ryan Bertone along with lead singer Chandler Mogel give the 13 tracks on offer a uniquely progressive metal and rock style not heard in a long while.

As far as I am concerned, there is not a single dull moment on this almost hour-long album. Also, equally impressive was the band’s total professionalism to present their kick ass music in an awesome Digipac packaging.

Pareidolia is highly recommended for fans of Queensryche, Vanden Plas, the lone star states’ progressive heavy metal sensation Bibeau, and heavy metal bands from the eighties and early nineties.   Sarjoo Devani

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