Odyssea – Storm (Heavy Metal album review)



Odyssea – Storm

Singer Roberto Tiranti (formerly of Labyrinth & Wonderworld) and Pier Gonella are back with their band Odyssea’s second album “Storm”, which has everything from heavy metal to progressive metal.

“Storm” also features a myriad of guest musicians from the Italian heavy metal and rock music scenes, and these guest musicians have given Odyssea’s music a very diverse range in terms of presentation and delivery of their heavy metal, progressive metal music. The 12 songs featured here are some of the best melodic and hard hitting songs I’ve heard from the European Union, and seeing that Odyssea has given its all on their second album “Storm”, it is nothing short of impressive.

“Storm” was a memorable song with its mysterious-sounding synthesizer passages, and with the solid rhythm section and a stellar display of some of the best harmony vocals I’ve heard, it just stole my soul.

Guest singers Alessandro Del Vecchio and Giorgia Gueglio give “Ice” such an upbeat feel to it, with both vocalists trading off on the lead vocal arrangements, it was nice to hear the distinct variations, as this gave the song such a unique vibe. This song is definitely one of my highlights here, as it definitely makes the other songs shine with total brilliance as well.

Moreover, main lead singer Roberto Tiranti and chief songwriter and lead guitarist Pier Gonella make Odyssea such a unique and special project, that it brings back memories of 1990s and 2000s heavy metal and progressive metal times. It’s something about Tiranti’s passionately sung vocals and Gonella’s flawlessly executed lead and rhythm work, which surely stands out on this album.

Odyssea is for sure impressive as a band, but “Storm” surely stands side by side by albums recorded by the likes of Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force, Red Circuit, cult favorites Judas Priest and Iron Maiden to a certain extent.

I highly recommended checking out “Storm”, as it’s certainly going to shower you with its aural and ear pleasing sounds, which is a 10 out of 10 in my book. Diamond Productions Sarjoo Devani

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