Odin’s Court – Deathanity (Progressive Metal album review)

Odin's Court - Deathanity

Odin's Court - Deathanity

Odin’s Court – Deathanity

“Deathanity” is a reissue of the original with a new singer, which was released on the now defunct Prog Rock records, and it is jam packed with progressive metal elements to make you bang your head.

Odin’s Court has some heavy groove rhythms and riffs, but it is more written in mind for the thinking person’s progressive metal affair. The vocals fit the music quite well, as the guitars and synths flow together seamlessly making for a real exciting listening experience. There it not a dull moment on this album, as they’ve even incorporated Saxophone and jazz-like piano arrangements in a couple of their songs. Now is this musical diversity taking progressive metal to the next level, while remaining true to their roots of progressive metal mixed in with influences from traditional heavy metal and theatrical rock, bordering on the likes of Queen.

There is an hours worth of material here, which definitely makes “Deathanity” a very diversified listening experience, as you’re absorbed in the band’s musical proficiency of the highest caliber.

The sound and mix is nothing short of excellent, as every instrument can be heard clearly, and the vocals pretty much steal the show on this album. This singer can definitely sing his lungs out, with so much control over the notes he hits, it’s very interesting to note the way he puts so much depth and feeling into his melodic vocals.

The instrumentation here is solid and played with the utmost perfection, and the whole band sounds completely cohesive.

I cannot wait to check out newer material from this quintet, as Odin’s Court is going to go very far, as long as they stick to their guns. Very cool. Sarjoo Devani

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