OBITUARY – Inked In Blood

Obituary - Inked In Blood

Obituary - Inked In Blood


OBITUARY – Inked In Blood (CD)

Having always enjoyed Obituary’s style of groove driven and punch in your face style of death metal, I was quite impressed with “Inked In Blood”, as it forcefully rips your skin off and leaves you bleeding for the vultures.

“Inked In Blood” being their ninth full length CD, shows the band’s maturity as songwriters and as musicians, and shows that Obituary can still make you bang your head ‘til you pass out. Just listen to the slow to mid tempo agonizing rhythms of “Pain Inside”, and you will feel like you are being torn to pieces by the Tardy brothers. “Visions In My Head” is more of a pump you up song, getting you ready for the inner evil demons you’ll be battling while listening to Obituary’s death metal torture.

To this day Obituary has managed to keep their songs interesting, with the choppy guitar rhythms, diversified drumming arrangements, and vocals deathly enough yet you can hear what John Tardy is saying after tearing your eardrums out. The Tardy brothers (John – Vocals and Donald – Drums) along with longtime founding member Trevor Peres know how to keep their songs creatively interesting without repeating themselves, and throwing your mind into a hellish death dive. Terry Butler handles his bass duties really well, and just drives his bass rhythms into your frail skull. Second guitarist Kenny Andrews sure knows how to complement Trevor’s guitar playing, giving Obituary a more fat rhythm sound and immense brutality for the listener to bear.

“Violence” comes at you like a runaway train destined for major catastrophe, with the guitars hauling ass and the drumming sounding like explosives going off.

If “Inked In Blood” does not viscerally leave you dying in cold blood, I do not know what will, as Obituary has gone on an all out on this death metal music massacre here.

[Relapse/Gibtown]   Sarjoo Devani

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