O.Y.D. – Indigo (Rock, Metal, Punk, Grunge CD review)

OYD - Indigo

O.Y.D. - Indigo (import)

Wow, this Grecian quintet definitely know how to throw the listener's mind into a tripped out, weird as hell journey into worlds that would only exist beyond the listener's wildest dreams.

This nine track album is produced by Swedish master producer Fredrik Nordstrom at Fredman Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden (At The Gates, Arch Enemy, etc.), which ultimately sounds fucking brilliant in all aspects. The centerpiece of "Indigo" is the superbly layered guitars, bass guitar rhythms, drumming, ethereal synths, and singer Orestis, who churns out a singing style almost like no other. He is awesomely unique for sure, but he is damn convincing too the way he belts out those harmonies, as it sucks you right into your speakers.

The Nordstrom production has done "Indigo" tons of justice, as it is a flickering light of hope in anyone's wounded state of existence. O.Y.D. may have off the wall lyrical themes and song titles, but these guys exude so much positive attributes within their songs, it's fucking so unbelievable. 

The songwriting on this nine tracker is nothing short of utter brilliance, as the band know how to execute their playing at the highest level of perfection. 

What blows my mind on this album is the band's ability to seamlessly blend influences ranging from metal, punk, rock and grunge, to the point all of their songs flow with such immense fluidity, it feels like you're floating on thin air. This was what I experienced when I was completely submerged in the pleasing sonic aesthetics found here. 

Personally, it's a challenge for me to even mention one standout song here, as they all rock with such intense passion, you kind of feel their uplifting energy flowing through your body, leaving you begging for more relief. Monster Records

Sarjoo Devani


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