No Man Eyes – Cosmogony (Heavy Metal album review)

No Man Eyes - Cosmogony

No Man Eyes - Cosmogony

No Man Eyes – Cosmogony

This Italian foursome known as No Man Eyes play a solid and hard hitting mixture of heavy metal and power metal with thundering rhythms, head pounding drum workouts, and singing that’ll make you melt like butter.

“Cosmogony” is an awesome mixture of clean melodic crooning along with the more energized and pissed-off sounding vocals. And when you add melodic guitar riffs and rhythms, and heavy as hell drumming to this mixture, you’re treated with an awe inspiring blend of heavy metal at its finest. The ten cuts on this album are sure to make you bang your head, throw your clenched fists in the air and go crazy like an insane person high on solid metal like No Man Eyes.

Singer Fabio Carmotti nails it out of this world on the vibrantly charged number “Blossoms Of Creation” with his melodic vocal lines mixed along with the more rough singing found here, but at the end of the day he surely brings the song to the listener’s ears. The acoustical guitar parts on this track give it a sci-fi, darkened edge, and you’re left with a feeling of lost in the darkness of nothingness. Guitarist and songwriter Andrew Spane shreds away with this melodic and epic-sounding guitar leads, with so much feeling, you can feel every tear his guitar strings shed, wow! This is definitely my favorite track on the entire record.

“The Death You Need” is a very darkened cut with its more frustrated yet passionately sung vocals; all the while the music has plenty of interesting heavy twist and turns. And the solo on this track is played like there is no tomorrow; it basically speaks of its sorrows to you, the listener. With the overall heaviness of this cut, I can definitely see people at their concerts moshing like maniacs to this one.

There’s also one instrumental here in the form of the title track “Cosmogony”, which has a great display of melodic harmonies played with complete intensity, and you’re bound to feel the music in this song within your inner core.

I admire the fact, No Man Eyes employ plenty of interesting feelings, which have some intricately crafted ups and downs throughout the album.

Check out “Cosmogony”, and No Man Eyes will just surprise you with their style of heavy metal...    Diamond Productions    Sarjoo Devani

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