NINE SHRINES – Retribution Therapy (Metallic,Heavy Rock)


Nine Shrines - Retribution Therapy 

Ohio based heavy metallic rockers Nine Shrines are back with their latest debut full length album in the form of "Retribution Therapy", which is loaded with musically and vocally powerful passages. 

Nine Shrines features a few former members from Life On Repeat, Downplay and Attack Attack, and definitely have not strayed away from their metal and heavy rock music roots here. The 12 cuts on offer here show the band's ability to switch from the heavier arrangements to the more melodic driven parts, as can be heard on the following cuts:"Nimrod", "Chain Reaction", the hard hitting "Ringworm" to the catchy choruses of "Pretty Little Psycho" (one of the stand out tracks here) to album closer "Counterfeit". The other songs are written quite well and executed with solid perfection too.

Frontman Chris Parketny's vocals go from a melodic, harmony fueled dynamic to a more brash, in your face type of vocal delivery. It is during these arrangements, the band change their dynamic to accommodate Chris' multidimensional style of singing. This makes for an interesting listen overall as there are plenty of unique changes in the way Nine Shrines present their songwriting talents and skills.

Musicwise, all of the instruments (lead, rhythm guitars, bass guitar and drumming) give "Retribution Therapy" a very punchy feel in the sound and production of the album. These dudes certainly have a true understanding of how their instruments should sound like and how the band's playing should come across to the listener, which they've succeeded in accomplishing here.

One interesting point I wanted to make here is that this album has songs worthy of making it to a Pokeman or a BeyBlade soundtrack. "Conjure" and "Sick Like Me" are the noteworthy contenders for this these two well known cartoons with kids and preteens alike. 

One listen to Nine Shrines, and you'll surely raise your fists in the air and bang your head to their passionately delivered metallic heavy rock.  Check out the video for the track "Nimrod" below. Mascot Records        Sarjoo Devani


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