NECROPHAGIA – WhiteWorm Cathedral

Necrophagia - WhiteWorm Cathedral

Necrophagia - WhiteWorm Cathedral


NECROPHAGIA – WhiteWorm Cathedral (CD)

Listening to Necrophagia’s newest horror and death-filled album “WhiteWorm Cathedral” is like watching a horror flick, and being surrounded by a bunch of limbless and lifeless zombies listening to horror laced heavy metal music. Now, this is starting to scare the fucking hell out of me, just even typing this review out, ha, ha.

The haunting synth and organ parts throughout this album give this album such an eerie atmosphere, you feel as if you’re trapped in the living but dead forest of nightmares. Mirai of Sigh definitely knows how to create such epic yet demonic orchestrations from his synth and organ playing. Musically and vocally, Killjoy and fiends have created a monster, which is hell-bent on going after humans with tasty brains to feast on – oh ya! The music is definitely in the old school, punishing death metal, reminding at times of Autopsy, Rigor Mortis and Deceased.

However, Necrophagia does not rest on its laurels, as their music is more of a soundtrack to their death, horror drenched and ghoul spirited lyrical themes. All of this fits perfectly, and the music complements the lyrics and vice versa. Killjoy’s writing style is strong enough to be part of a commercial horror flick like “Return Of The Living Dead” or even “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. “Fear The Priest”, “Warlock Messiah”, “Rat Witch”, “Hexen Nacht”, “The Dead Among Us”, and “Angel Blake” are just some of the hair raising and heart palpitating tracks scary enough to leave you dead cold in your tracks.

Check it out at your own risk as you have been warned about the ghoulish and zombie horrors that await you on Necrophagia’s “WhiteWorm Cathedral”.   [Season Of Mist]     Sarjoo Devani



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