Nazghor – Death’s Withered Chants (Black Metal album review)

Nazghor - Death's Withered Chants

Nazghor - Death's Withered Chants

Nazghor – Death’s Withered Chants

Nazghor write music for true worshippers of occult black metal, as “Death’s Withered Chants” is a gruesome display of total Chris-fucking debauchery at its most insane.

These guys are bound to possess your soul with their blackened extreme metal, then drag you down to the red glowing pits of hell and brimstone. You should prepare to burn here, as the savage antics of their black metal hell is unrelentingly punishing to all humanly senses, and the music here is just the beginning to the listener’s bloody nightmare come true. The haunting atmospherics on this ten-song opus is quite well written, with plenty of melancholia and extreme hatred for all that is holy and god-related.

The synthesizer atmospherics, which represent whole orchestra-like passages are skillfully written and executed here, which defines what Nazghor is all about. They’re not the most unique of black metal bands I’ve heard, but they play with so much conviction and passion within their songs, you’re truly led to believe that everything holy is the core problem of humanity’s failure at creating a better world. This part of their music alone makes up for the band’s shortcoming as a more unique extreme metal band.

This album is not the type of record the listener can get into with one listen, but with repeated plays, these guys will grow on your unholy tastes in everything that is completely evil in life. With every spin, you’re prone to hear many more influences within Nazghor’s music, thus making “Death’s Withered Chants” truly a cult release. Listen to this band own your own accord, as it cannot be guaranteed that afterwards you’ll be alive to talk about your wildest and most profound demonic experiences Nazghor unleashes… Check it out and prepare to die…

Satanath Records   Sarjoo Devani

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