NAILGUN MASSACRE – Boned, Boxed and Buried

Nailgun Massacre - Boned, Boxed and Buried

Nailgun Massacre - Boned, Boxed and Buried


NAILGUN MASSACRE – Boned, Boxed and Buried (CD)

I remember getting Nailgun Massacre’s debut CD, with a silver nail in the jewel box spine, which I thought was pretty creative and sick.

Well, “Boned, Boxed and Buried” picks up where there first one left off, and this slab of carnal butchery is just meant for the butcher’s block of sonic sickness. When listening to this album, it conjures up horrific images in the mind of a mad serial killer getting his fill from one of his many chopped up victims littering his garage. Instead of watching a horror flick, you’re basically listening to it the way Nailgun Massacre perform some of their songs with chilling narratives. These spoken narratives only add more visualization for the frail mind, therefore scaring the living shit out of you.

I love their down tuned guitars, as they reek so much havoc on your senses. The death metal traits are high and mighty, with tons of Death, Asphyx, Autopsy and Obituary influences to keep the listener engaged.

With track titles like “Where’s The Head”, “Casket Full Of Fun”, “The Doctor And The Beast”, “Mad Road Killer” and “Lower Me Down”, you can’t help but laugh as their lyrics are pretty funny and not meant to be taken seriously. Also, a soundbyte taken from a classic horror flick, on the hideous sounding “Lower Me Down” is pretty cool, as it gives this song so much more versatility as far as good atmosphere is concerned. Now I know what makes a good horror flick so fucking horror-filled.

Nailgun Massacre is not going to move any mountains, but sure know how to recreate that ancient feeling, which death metal was brimming with in its heyday. “Boned, Boxed, and Buried” is very horrific and ghoulish sounding and sure to make your goose bumps fall off. [Xtreem] Sarjoo Devani

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