My Minds Mine – Passengers Of The Void (Grindcore album review)

My Minds Mine - Passengers Of The Void

My Minds Mine - Passengers Of The Void

Fasten your seat belts here, as dutch grindcore lunatics My Minds Mine is going to take you on an out of control journey of heavy slamming, bumping and clashing, on their newest release in the form of "Passengers Of The Void".
The chaotic and volatile grind found on this 14 track album is some of the most ear punishing sonic and perverse grind I've heard since Napalm Death's "Scum" and Phobia's "Return To Desolation" releases. I can only imagine how stir crazy the audience would probably go with these crazy freaks jamming to their bastardized grindcore here.

The machine gun-like snare sprays along with the doublebass pummeling, and gives this album a very hellish edge in their execution of all 14 savage-ridden cuts here. Shit, listening to the monstrous grind assault found on this release makes me sick to my stomach, as it is so unrelentingly brutal, it's just rips your inner guts out and leaves you begging for more skull-fucking grind.

"Passengers Of The Void" is not anything new or cutting edge, but who says originality is a core component of grindcore anyways, as it has always been about the bands' sincerity, playing from the heart, and always trying to destroy the sound barrier with total fierceness. This is something My Minds Mine has definitely achieved here and then some...

The production, sound and mixing of the songs on this CD are pretty good for a grindcore release, and you feel as if you're experiencing them in a live setting, which is what makes "Passengers Of The Void" such a soul bruising release. The overall sound of the instruments and vocals are not overdone, and has solid rawness, which makes for a fucking abrasive album. People, if this album does not strip you of your skin and flesh off, I do not know what will.

Listen to this album at your own risk, as you've been warned to the side effects of what this record is capable of doing?

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