Mr. Pollack – Black Hawk

Mr. Pollack-Black Hawk

Mr. Pollack-Black Hawk


  1. POLLACK – Black Hawk

Wow! This has got to be the best hard rock/Rock music I’ve heard from Poland in quite awhile.

Mr. Pollack’s eighties tinged hard rock music is inspired by the likes of Toto, Bad Company, Giant and White Snake. They’ve nine songs here, and all of them contain that infectious energy and vibe to get you banging your head along to their music. Their guitar harmonies are tastefully played, and written with so much intense energy, they just suck you right into their music. Their guitar rhythms and riffs definitely carry the strong, melodic vocals throughout each song, and it is a great lift to your emotional state when you’re feeling down and blue.

It’s pretty interesting to hear the band play their songs with so much enthusiasm; it just gets you into the mood to rock out to their music. The sheer musical diversity, such as the jazzy/funk groove elements on “Socrates” are huge enough to cause an earthquake and make the ground beneath you just collapse into infinity. “The Wheel Of Life” is almost soft as a ballad but features some great memorable rockin’ guitar passages, which you could possible hum to yourself. The lyrics on here are about dying, not in a morbid way, but in a way the listener can understand, as its meaning is quite deep.

“Gold and Money” has a nicely executed lead run, which goes really well with this song, and sets the mood for what you’re about to hear. The choral arrangements on this track too, are pretty catchy, and make for an awesome listening experience.

Besides the nine tracks sung in English, they’ve also five tracks taken from the nine featured here and done in their native Polish language. And these songs are performed just as well, however, not familiar with the Polish language, so I mainly focused on their music on these five cuts.

The quality studio production and sound makes this album a total hit and something fans of the aforementioned bands earlier should definitely check out, as Mr. Pollack will definitely blow you away into sonic bliss and awe. [Metal Mind] Sarjoo Devani


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