Morth – Towards The Endless Path (Symphonic Black metal album review)

Morth - Towards The Endless Path
Morth - Towards The Endless Path
Morth - Towards The Endless Path
Morth - Towards The Endless Path

Morth-Towards The Endless Path

Morth play an agonizing yet symphonic style of black metal, which harkens back to the early days of Enslaved, Dimmu Borgir, Abyssos and Sear Bliss.

The six tracks on this album add up to 65 minutes worth of haunting and chilling black metal music, which at times comes across as a B-Rated horror flick soundtrack. Musically, this bunch is nothing out of ordinary, as their guitars feature the standard down tuned guitar rhythms and riffs played at mid-tempo. And the raspy vocals are nothing new either, as this was perfected by the likes of Enslaved and Dimmu Borgir in the mid-nineties.

“Towards The Endless Path” has an interesting, epic feel going within its somber guitar harmonies and depressive song arrangements… “Echoes Of Ancient Winds” sounds so eastern European with its orchestrated passages and victorious-sounding guitars and synthesizers. This song reminds of watching movies like Excalibur, Othello and Cinderella.

The six songs on this album are somewhat different from one another, but you can tell it is Morth playing their symphonic black metal, which is cool, but nothing that’ll move mountains.

However, this band should be given credit for at least trying, as black metal nowadays has become too populated with mediocre and bands pretending to be like the first generation of black metal masters.      Symbol Of Domination     Sarjoo Devani


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