MOR DAGOR – Redeemer

Mor Dagor - Redeemer

Mor Dagor - Redeemer


MOR DAGOR – Redeemer (CD)

Black metal extremists collectively known as Mor Dagor is here to desecrate your soul flesh and send your soul into infinite oblivion. Sounds pretty morbid and hopeless, huh? Well, it is, as you’ll come to realize that “Redeemer” is an absolutely crushing album in all aspects.

The hell and spike laden guitar rhythms are relentless in their pursuit of chasing down the listener and then sadistically beating them to a bloody pulp. Their riffs are sharp as shining steel blade and the rhythms more devastating than a jackhammer. If you can picture all of this in your mind for a second, you know you’re in for the kill of your life. And the subject being hunted is you, with their chaotic tempest of maniacal guitar passages backed by ungodly raspy screams and explosive drumming assaults.

Mor Dagor’s lyrical themes of war, the world’s end and humanity’s demise are all fitting subjects to such tracks as “Industrial Homicide”, “No Mercy”, “Peace Through Superior Firepower” and “Scorched Earth”. These songs and the wicked music behind them reminded me of the good old days of Marduk, Immortal and Satyricon. These three bands put the subject of the world’s apocalyptic demise and humanity’s fall at the forefront of their stellar songwriting talents, which is also the case here as well.

Mor Dagor is a solid unit as a band and definitely knows how to capitalize on their brutality driven black metal with subtle hints of death metal thrown in for good measure. On one hand they are technically creative as songwriters and on the other, they’re as simple and straightforward as can be, and this is where their heaviness shines from the confines of the abyss.

Just imagine “Redeemer” being the equivalent of the underworld, and you’ll see what makes Mor Dagor so freakin’ heavy as hell. The proof is in the hate-filled pudding of death and blackness you’re going to experience here, so prepare to stare death into its blackened eyes. [Osmose Productions] Sarjoo Devani

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