Montes Insania – Absurdum

Montes Insania - Absurdum

Montes Insania - Absurdum

Montes Insania – Absurdum

Music, which cannot be described accurately or better yet with descriptive words, has to be unique and out of this world, which is the case with Montes Insania.

This eclectic duo have taken symphonic black metal to the next level of intelligence with “Absurdum”, and I tell you, this 13 track CD is no ordinary black metal affair. It’s music with agonizing raspy screams of suffering, suicidal thoughts, visions of apocalyptic ending of the world, and total soul sacrifice of the self.

Not to sound so damn morbid and hopeless, but with eclectic and musically twisted tracks like “At Final Was Nothing”, “Farther and Farther” with its crying, rampant vocal delivery, and a painful picture of “Fading World”, you’re sure become an emotional wreck from a few listens.

Montes Insania do not make it easy to listen to their eclectic and disturbing brand of symphonic black metal due to its many weird and synthesizer tripped out nuances. The vocals not only feature the raspy screams here, but you’ve some spoken themes in a vocal style, which emerges out of complete frustration and mental fury.

With an hours worth of depressive and suicidal symphonic black metal, you’re bound to slit your jugular artery while listening to this album. So, do not be surprised if you find yourself lying in your own pool of blood after draining your corpse of life’s blood.

It is also quite very normal if this album takes you a few spins to really get into it, as these guys did not want to make it easy for any one listening to their torturous black metal art. If you’ve a heart of stone, you’ll endure the total depressive zone of insanity this album creates, so submerge yourself in Montes Insania’s symphonic sadness and mental grief.

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