Monastery Dead – Black Gold Appetite (Death Metal album review)

Monastery Dead - Black Gold Appetite

Monastery Dead - Black Gold Appetite

Monastery Dead – Black Gold Appetite

Russian extreme band Monastery Dead play ultra brutal skull crushing death metal that’s sure to fucking kick your head in and then leave you dying for the vultures circling above.

This lethal monster is one of the heaviest death metal releases to ever come from the former Soviet era country. “Black Gold Appetite” is the album’s title, and definitely got me thinking as to what they meant by it. By looking at the album’s artwork of a half dead human eating up black gold, as if they’re greedy for its monetary value. Subjects of religious persecution, political upheaval, societal ills, and humanity’s greed for global domination is one of the many underlying themes talked about here.

When you have sensitive subjects as mentioned above tied in with such pounding and mind obliterating rhythms and vocals, you know your end is not too distant from certain reality. Monastery Dead’s downtuned guitar rhythms have this monstrous, wall of sound to them, which creates a feeling of total destruction and despair. The speed at which they play really makes all the difference in the world with their songs destroying everything in their path.

This quartet’s style of writing and playing a bestial, bludgeoning style of auditory cruelty makes for an interesting listening experience, this is if you love being tortured, of course. I’ve always been a huge fan of this style of brutal death metal, and Monastery Dead shows just how well they can compete with some of the more established death metal bands from around the world.

One listen to Monastery Dead and you will feel and see your world burn to total ashes, as it does not get any insane than “Black Gold Appetite”. Satanath Records Sarjoo Devani

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