MNEMIC – Phenomena

Menemic - mechanical Spin-Phenomena

Menemic - mechanical Spin-Phenomena


MNEMIC – Mechanical Spin Phenomena (CD)

Wow! Yes, this is what came out of my mouth when first put this limited reissue of Mnemic’s debut in my car stereo. I believe it is the rampant and methodical chaos found on “Mechanical Spin Phenomena”, which makes it so energetic and powerful as far as the music is concerned. The vocals are good and do possess tons of raw emotion and anger, which could be a positive depending on how the listener interprets it.

I remember when Nuclear Blast Records first released this album in 2003, and I was like, “what the fuck, another quality label selling out to the masses”, but I was wrong. Mnemic is not a sellout band nor do they sound like one, as this album is packed with semi-industrial and groove generated rhythms and synth licks. Vocally and musically, Mnemic’s style on this 11-tracker could be best described as Devin Townsend, Young Strapping Lad, Fear Factory and White Zombie all blended together to create this sonic storm “Mechanical Spin Phenomena” known as Mnemic.

As a bonus there is a multimedia segment on this golden CD, in the form of a video clip of the track “Ghost”. The way this video is shot, with the tripped out camera angles, with the band headbanging away in a factory, just brings cold and eerie feelings.

Mnemic as a five-piece unit is quite solid in their playing and definitely play with tons of catchy hooks that’s sure to leave you hangin’ (no pun intended).

I am very happy that Metalmind Productions out of Poland decided to reissue this great release in a limited quantity of 2000 copies worldwide. The digi packaging is nice, nothing special, but has booklet printed on semi-glossy paper and in color. This release by Mnemic is highly worth your time. [Metalmind Productions] Sarjoo Devani

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