Mithridatic – Miserable Miracle (death metal album review)

Mithridatic - Miserable Miracle

Mithridatic - Miserable Miracle

Mithridatic – Miserable Miracle

Whoa, what the fucking hell is this shit? This was my initial reaction when I first hit play button Mithridatic’s latest streaming link, “Miserable Miracle”, as the second cut on here is a violent and negative wall of sound. You feel as if you’re being literally crushed, with no one around to save your sorry ass.

“Miserable Miracle” is not something that has not been done before, in terms of brutality and musical variation, but Mithridatic make their style of avant-garde death with hints of black metal as vicious as possible. The dank and haunting atmospheres of tragedy and suffering make this nine tracker one heck of a listening torture, with its varied musical arrangements and eerie aesthetics, which the songs here create within listener’s the mind.

Listen to “I Will Harm”, and you’ll feel as if you’re stuck in a wicked snow blizzard, with no sign of getting out alive, while the falling snow slowly consumes your life. “Hell Compasses Points” precisely aims at the listener with its Morbid Angel, Immolation, Belphegor-like death metal blackened assault, and you feel as if the world is coming to its apocalyptic end. Yes, this song heavily conjures up images of a hell you and I would not even dare to witness, let alone live through.

“Oxydized Trigger Sabotage” is another track that has the pre-apocalyptic feel to its contorted guitar rhythms and screamed out vocals begging for mercy, which just sends a scary as hell vibe down your back. “Dispense The Adulterated,” reminds a bit of Mayhem’s, monotonous-type of vocals in a few places, with some raspy vocals thrown in for good measure. This song too, has that apocalyptic sound to it, but sounds like it could be used towards the world’s ending segment. This album by Mithridatic is highly worth checking out if you’re into the likes of early Mayhem, Enslaved, Immolation and early Morbid Angel, as it is sure to bring to mind the good old days of extreme metal, when bands had no limits on how far they could take music in terms of aggression and experimentation. Pretty good.    Kaotoxin Records      Sarjoo Devani

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