Micheal Monroe – Blackout States (Rock album review)

Michael Monroe - Blackout States

Michael Monroe - Blackout States

Michael Monroe – Blackout States

Singer and songwriter Michael Monroe is back with his latest solo outing, which boasts solid energy and an upbeat vibe.

“Blackout States” may have a darkened feel to its name, but when you’re listening to the 13 songs featured here, you’re sure to be uplifted with Monroe’s contagious positive feelings. He sings with so much conviction that his vocals and the rock and roll fueled music on here just makes you feel so damn good. It’s definitely a very enlightening experience listening to Monroe’s upbeat and energetic singing, as he just brings the listener right into his carefree, fuck the world frame of mind. This is a very strong element here, and gives “Blackout States” a really unique feel to the music and singing throughout the 13-track affair on this rock album.

“The Bastard’s Bash” rocks with some catchy guitar hooks, rockin’ solos and Monroe’s gritty attitude singing. He is totally full of energy, which is so darn contagious that you’re bound to feel his excitement. Check out the awesome harmonica work on the high on fire “Good Old Bad Days.”, which is a catchy song in itself.

“R.L.F.” was an interesting tune with its punk rock/rock & roll powered guitar rhythms and shouted out vocal choruses. I can people just jumping off the stage during their live performance of this chaotic number.

Overall, it’s a very positive and inspirational record that speaks volumes of hope with a very rebellious kind of attitude at the forefront.

It’s great to hear that Monroe does not hide any of his feelings and lets them run wild on “Blackout States”, as this only gives the record that added kick in the ass. Pretty good.

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