Michael Schenker Fest Live – Tokyo International Forum Hall A (Live Metal album)

Michael Schenker Fest

Michael Schenker Fest

 Michael Schenker Fest Live - Tokyo International Forum Hall A

Live CDs can be a hit or miss, but Michael Schenker Fest Live, Tokyo International Forum Hall A is a superbly awesome-sounding live recording featuring three of his past singers and all time classic cuts.
Yes, he has with him live, three vocalists (Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet and Robin McAuley) singing on tracks, which they respectively penned together with Schenker throughout his solo recording career. Having three different singers featured on this live recording is nothing short of brilliant, as it shows the unique delivery of each vocalist, and greatness they all brought to Michael Schenker’s virtuoso guitar playing and topnotch songwriting abilities.
This two disc audio CD set is packed with 18 of MSG’s classic cuts and leaves no stone unturned when it comes down to their approach to song creation and performance in a live setting. There is also a DVD of this same concert as well, which will be reviewed here in the coming days, so stay tuned for it.
Some of the classics featured here include: “Victim Of Illusion”, “Cry For The Nations”, “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie”, “Desert Song” (my favorite song here with its emotional synthesizer arrangements), “This Is My Heart” and “Love Is Not A Game”.
It is Michael Schenker’s trademark guitar playing, which makes this live double CD set, as well as the overall energy found here, so brilliantly awe-inspiring. His playing just makes you feel good, kind of like a getting a double dosage of strong European coffee, but even better here.
Moreover, the energy of the live audience also gives this live recording a very intimate and special feel, kind of creating an atmosphere of being their live in-person.
Rounding out this great live recording is a nicely put together CD package with a booklet featuring photos of the band live and information about the songs featured during this live concert performance. Highly worth checking out - enough said.    Inakustik       Sarjoo Devani

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