MENDEED – The Dead Live By Love (Thrash Metal/Metalcore album review)

Mendeed - The Dead Live By Love

Mendeed - The Dead Live By Love


Mendeed – The Dead Live By Love reissue (Thrash Metal/Metalcore album review)

The metalcore style, which these Scottish lads play, is very reminiscent of Unearth, Despised Icon, Sepultura, Kreator, and you’ve the blisteringly hard-hitting antics of “The Dead Live by Love”.

The title track has some melodic crooning along with the more visceral shouts backed by a punishing rhythm guitar and solid drumming section. This was definitely one of the more stand out cuts from the 12 songs featured here, and is unique due to its groove-driven rhythms and catchy guitar licks.

The gruff vocals found on “Fuel The Fire” reminds of Death Angel’s brash style and sound, but this one also has a lot of hardcore influences too. Mendeed’s music here is melodic yet quite emotional in style. At times, more than the metalcore influences, plenty of thrash metal vibes can be felt here as well.

It’s hard to define this as Metalcore (probably more in the vocals, you’d here this style), as Mendeed possess plenty of speed metal influences as well from their aggressive guitar riffs to the headbanging drumming assaults. Their leads are very melodic and passionately played, as can be experienced on the energetic “Our War”, which crushes with its ungodly intensity.

Talent-wise, this bunch is solid with their respective instruments and surely gets the message across, as can be heard in Mendeed’s execution on all 12 cuts featured here.

There are no weaknesses to point out here, as there are none, which is very fucking impressive all in all.

“The Dead Live By Love” is Mendeed’s finest hour, and they do not disappoint at all here.

Turn it up, let their music flow throughout your veins, and bang your head until you drop unconscious! [Metal Mind Productions] Sarjoo Devani


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