MARILLION – Sounds That Can’t Be Made

Marillion - Sounds

Marillion has been around together for over a quarter century despite the usual line up changes and a significant change in the vocal department, with original singer Fish leaving the band in 1988. Their original vocalist Fish was eventually replaced by Steve Hogarth, and the rest is literally history, so enough with the brief background.

“Sounds That Can’t Be Made” is their most recent studio release, from September 2012, but it is now being re-released as a limited edition 2 CD set, with the second CD consisting of radio sessions for “Wrapped Up In Time”, “Power” and “Pour My Love”. Plus there are three other tracks too, “Lucky Man” (Demo Arrangement), “Sounds That Can’t Be Made” and “Invisible Ink” live in Holland. It is pretty interesting how these guys have condensed several plus minute songs into a radio friendly format. Whoever did the radio edits did a quality job. And the two live tracks from their concert in Holland sound pretty good too. I would not mind checking these dudes out live.

The music of these neo progressive rockers is good, with some strong pop sensibilities, which would make it very ideal of AOR format radio. Marillion should highly appeal to fans of Yes, Genesis, Emerson, Lake & Palmer and even Asia.

However, word to the wise listener, you do not want to listen to Marillion while driving as it can be a liability because their awe-inspiring tunes will put you in such a relaxed state that you’ll calmly fall asleep at the wheel, ha, ha. This double disc set from Marillion is a great release to chill out to on a rainy or even sunny Saturday afternoon with your loved one. [Eagle Records]   Sarjoo Devani


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