Mantic Ritual – Executioner (Thrash Metal album review)

Mantic Ritual -executioner

Mantic Ritual -executioner


Mantic Ritual – Executioner (Thrash Metal album review)

Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the now defunct Mantic Ritual used to play thrash/speed metal influenced by the likes of Exodus, Death Angel, Xentrix, Slammer and Destruction.

This quartet definitely had written one heck of a release in the form of “Executioner”, as this 11-tracker has plenty of headbanging guitars and drum assaults comparable to that of a Howitzer tank. If you can imagine for a second, all the fire power this quartet possess here, it is truly mind boggling, with the unique changes within their songs, and still being heavy as fuck. People, this band is an awesome weapon of mass destruction.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Dan Wetmore just belts out his scratchy, rough throated frustrations, which seamlessly intermingle with his and Mantic Ritual’s twisted thrash metal rhythms and roller coaster like twist and turns. It is the many unique variations within their music, which make for an interesting listen. There it not one dull moment here, especially when their songs have the power to make you bang your head uncontrollably. I love thrash metal, which has a solid punch and takes influences from the eighties thrash metal innovators, and make every effort of not ripping of the classic bands of the day. Mantic Ritual was this band, as they had the balls to be themselves playing what they loved the most: Thrash/speed metal played at a very high level of intensity.

From the chilling album cover art of a black hooded executioner dressed in all black, getting ready to stick his sword into his victim’s chest, makes this a complete package. The music, album art, digipac presentation and a golden disc, which is limited to 2000 copies in the world makes this a worthy release of having in your collection of excellent thrash metal.

Metal Mind Productions        Sarjoo Devani

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