Manipulation – Ecstasy (Death Metal album review)

Manipulation - Ecstasy

Manipulation - Ecstasy


Manipulation – Ecstasy

I’ve always enjoyed death and progressive metal groups from Poland, and Manipulation just adds more fuel to the Poland’s everlasting death and extreme metal inferno.

“Ecstasy” is the debut CD from this quintet, and it’s death metal with a sensible edge, with lyrics that an ordinary extreme metal head can relate to. The lyrics are very personal, ranging from religious extremism, political strife and social ills, which plague the world on a widespread level.

Second track on “Ecstasy” “Sic Itur Ad Astra” is a very apocalyptic-sounding cut and brings images of a world gone astray. One element, which I really admire here, is that Manipulation do not give a damn if they don’t sound like one of the millions of death metal bands in the world, as they try some really interesting things here musically. From listening to the immense rabid death metal cuts here, you can just tell that Manipulation is all about building their own style of death metal, with a sound they’ll be remembered for someday.

“Ecstasy” features everything from the repulsive snare, double bass, blast beats along with groove and rhythm powered guitars to some interestingly crafted riffs throughout their songs here.

One of the songs that blew me away with its sheer anti-political message and aggression was “Burn Motherfuckers!, as this bitch is loaded with so much hatred towards all political institutions globally, it literally opens up your eyes to how corrupt world governments are. Musically too, this song is simply out of control, as you can feel all its rage and frustrations of how career politicians only lookout after themselves. Here are some lyrical excerpts from “Burn Motherfuckers!”: “We Should Burn Them, We should shoot them, We should take what belongs to us. Freedom and a chance for a better life.”

You can feel how heartfelt these lyrics are, as singer Bruzyc releases his fury through your speakers, so the listener too, can feel his wrath of total destruction.

Highly recommended for fans of Kataklysm, early Cryptopsy, and even Meshuggah. Listen to “Ecstasy” and burn like a motherfucker…   Satanath Records    Sarjoo Devani

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