Malevolent Creation – Dead Man’s Path (death metal album review)

Malevolent Creation - Dead Man's Path

Malevolent Creation - Dead Man's Path


Malevolent Creation – Dead Man’s Path

“Dead Man’s Path”, the latest long player from Fort Lauderdale, Florida’s death metal stalwarts Malevolent Creation just obliterates anything in its path. The 12 cuts on offer here, with two of them being bonus rerecordings of “Carnivorous Misgivings” and “Dominated Resurgency”, both from their “Stillborn” CD, is as brutal and raw death metal can get.

“Extinction Personified” comes at you with its darkened rhythms, skin melting riffs and suffocated vocal parts that wrap around you like a python, going for the final kill: you.

Brett Hoffmann’s vocals are so fucking sinister in tone and approach, you get the feeling that he is definitely out of control and wants to rip your head right out of your corpse. His performance on “Dead Man’s Path” is as solid as ever, probably a little more refined, but with a heavier edge than his past performances on previous Malevolent Creation CDs.

From opening instrumental, spoken word title track for “Dead Man’s Path” to the stage dive/mosh-worthy tunes on the album, this is by far Malevolent Creation’s strongest release to date.

“Imperium (Kill Force Rising)” features some ass whippin’ blast beats and guitar rhythms that literally pierce the sound barrier with its stealth-like auditory assault. This is the song you definitely want to stage dive and mosh to, with so much power and rawness you’re bound to see bodies flying at their live gigs with this one.

The album artwork of a pathway leading to the mouth of a skull with burning flames just adds more fire and excitement found on this 12-track cluster bomb meant for mass annihilation of the minds.

“Dead Man’s Path” is a culmination of every one of Malevolent Creation’s albums released, but this album is more treading the old school death metal territory, and makes for one hell of a listen. Definitely not for those listeners with week minds and hearts alike – this shit is for real! Remember “The Ten Commandments”, “Retribution”, “The Fine Art Of Murder” and “Invidious Dominion”, you’re surely going to be blown away here, and if you survive, you’re very lucky, indeed.   Century Media Records        Sarjoo Devani

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