MADROST – Into The Aquatic Sector

Madrost-Into The Aquatic Sector

Madrost-Into The Aquatic Sector


MADROST – Into The Aquatic Sector (CD)

Southern California’s thrash metal maniacs Madrost are sure to storm your world with their unrelenting thrash/speed metal assault. “Into The Aquatic Sector” is very reminiscent of early Kreator meets Destruction, but with a sound and style all their own. This foursome really knows how to punish the listener’s ears to the extent of making them bleed from the jackhammer-like drumming, vicious screamed out vocals and the rabid-sounding guitar riffs and rhythms. There is so much thrash metal music brewing through Madrost’s music, it’s sure to throw the listener into the moshing frenzy wherever they are. This music is best enjoyed while you’re retrained and under some muscle relaxants, as “Into The Aquatic Sector” is lethal enough to kill anyone within its fire scorching tracks. I love the clean sound and production here; it’s not overly produced, but raw enough to leave a nasty lasting effect on your mental state of mind.

Just one listen to the bestial screaming riffs and the muscle bruising drumming on the last track, “Depravity” is guaranteed to give you an uncontrollable beating, leaving you for utter self destruction through Madrost’s thrash metal holocaust. This foursome is a very pissed off bunch, and should not be confronted in a live, concert setting, as you will certainly get your ass kicked “Into The Aquatic Sector”.

Calling all Kreator, Destruction, Slammer, Xentrix, Slayer and Tankard fans, as you’ll roll with Madrost’s chaotic thrash. Last but not least, why is Madrost not signed to a label, as these guys have 100% thrash and metal brewing through their veins, and is sure to complement any metal label’s roster. Do not pass this release up by Madrost, as it is mind fucking blowing!

[Self-Released]  Sarjoo Devani


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