Madafaka – Wasteland (deathcore e.p. review)

Madafaka - Wasteland

Madafaka - Wasteland

Madafaka – Wasteland

“Wasteland” is truly a grand motherfucker of an album by Czech Republic’s Madafaka, as it’s bound to fucking blow the roof off of your bloody head with its simplified hardcore meets grindcore meets death metal to create the ultimate deathcore sound.

As punishing this bitch is, the five explosive devices making up “Wasteland” are more lethal than a nuclear weapon unleashed by some global terror regime. With razor sharp guitar and drum pummeling cuts like “Rest In Peace”, “Royal Crown” and “She Walks Behind Me”, you know you’re in for a very fucked up rude awakening. Who knows, you might even have the most gruesome wet dreams of your wildest dreams. This shit will make you bang your head so hard into a concrete block wall, you’ll definitely knock yourself out in total discomfort.

Madafaka know the real meaning of pain, and you will sadly be their unsuspecting victim every time you press the play button on your stereo, when you listen to their bestial deathcore with traces of regurgitated grind and hardcore.

I can only imagine the mosh pits and the crowd surfing during Madafaka’s live performances, so try picturing you getting your ass whooped by this band’s iron spiked fist up your ass, and this fucker just hurts soooo badddd.

Madafaka are definitely some serious deathcore creating Madafakas that are sure to bring the listener to his/her knees. “Wasteland” is literally a knockout to the head, as it’s going to make you want to beat the shit out of some poor soul at your local pub, haha. Sarjoo Devani

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Check out the killer track below in the form of "She Walks Behind Me", which is one of my favorite songs on this five track e.p..

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