Mabthera – On The Infernal Path (Black Metal album review)

Mabthera - On The Infernal Path

Mabthera - On The Infernal Path


Mabthera – On The Infernal Path

Black metal loaded with brutality and darkness is always awesome, but Mabthera’s latest release “On The Infernal Path” is brutal, dark, evil and cold in a very grim aspect. This album will blow the coldest winds of the nighttime air down your spine in a very chilling way.

“Under Wings Of Satan” and “To The Nightsky” are the only two songs penned in English, as the other five cuts are written in sole member Tibor’s native Haungarian language.

The above two songs will pounce on you like a venomous snake out to kill you, as it wraps it’s deadly, sonic tail around your neck, crushing it. These two songs, as well as the others feature skull bruising, groove powered rhythms, more in the vein of Satyricon and even Immortal. It’s good to hear that a musical project along the lines of Mabthera can keep their songs heavy, brutal and very Satanic in spirit, which gives his music so much feeling and depth. The feelings of void, melancholia, mental disturbances, and eerie cold vibes created with the instrumentation and vocals here makes “On The Infernal Path” a very solid and spirit destroying release.

Also, the corpse paint utilized by core member Tibor gives Mabthera that blackened ancient spirit-like image and the truest essence of being Satanic in every way unimaginable.

It only takes one listen to this seven tracker, realizing how potent the spell created by Mabthera is so damaging to the human morale. Prepare to walk “On The Infernal Path” with your back facing unknown worlds of infinite darkness and pure hell.  Dark East/Symbol Of Domination   Sarjoo Devani

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Check out one of the songs in Mabthera's Hungarian language, as it is very, very deep and dark in meaning.

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