LXT – Cold Heart And Old Scars

LXT - Cold Heart And Old Scars

LXT - Cold Heart And Old Scars

LXT – Cold Heart And Old Scars (CD)

Kami Kopat and band have just released their debut CD for Crank Music Group, and man, is it reminiscent of the nineties industrial rock/metal sound.

Musically, it reminds a little of Ministry and Nine Inch Nails mixed in together, but “Cold Heart And Old Scars” does show LXT’s own style of writing and playing industrial rock/metal with a darkened vibe, not depressing or anything, but very moody in the way Kopat delivers his emotionally fired up vocals. It is also very good to hear LXT’s musical arrangements as they’ve that techi-feel to them, kind of more akin to Nine Inch Nails, but LXT do not go crazy or overboard with their synths and programming, it is done just right.

The 11 tracks on here are not technology dependent, which is really good, but they’ve a modern twist to their sound, and kind of give their overall sound a bleak outlook without becoming too miserable in feel. They’ve also employed some odd guitar hooks and grooves in places to keep their music interesting in all aspects. None of the songs here sound alike, so credit should be given to them for making this extra effort. Mind you, the music is well thought out but nothing you’ve never heard before, but they surely know how to keep the listener hanging at the edge of their seat, in total darkness.

I can definitely picture their music getting airplay on metal Internet radio, at college radio, which would definitely garner them a good following among independent music supporters. If you’re into Nine Inch Nails and early Ministry, you just might dig this quartet’s industrial rock/metal with attitude.          [Crank Music Group] Sarjoo Devani

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