Lucifer’s Friend – Live @ Sweden Rock 2015 (Rock Music Live CD review)

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LUCIFERS FRIEND Live at sweden rock


Lucifer’s Friend – Live @ Sweden Rock 2015

Personally, live concert recordings are a hit or miss with me, as I never was a big fan of live recordings, but I must admit, this live concert recording by Lucifer’s Friend, recorded at Sweden Rock 2015 took me by storm.

Singer John Lawton’s stunning display of vocal harmonies and melodic tones gives the talented musicianship of Peter Hesslein (guitars), Dieter Horns (bass guitar), Jogi Wichmann (keyboards) and Stefan Eggert (drums) an aura of brilliance, which makes them all shine live. The quintet is solid and tight on the 12 songs featured on here, and just shows how varied their progressive-tinged rock & roll is. I love the fiery energy on this album, as this is one element, which many live recordings lack these days, with the only exception being Judas Priest’s “Unleashed In The East”.

Now, onto their songs, as far as I am concerned all 12 tracks here will definitely rock your world in ways unimaginable. “Moonshine Rider” just stole my soul with its out of this world atmospherics, catchy keyboard workouts, John’s passionately sung vocal passages, especially during the heavenly-sounding choruses of Moonshine Rider, wow. His singing, on this song in particular just has the power to bring back to life a down trodden and beaten soul. The lead runs on this song just fire up the overall liveliness found here. Peter’s leads are very memorable and played with so much intensity; you can feel every note fly right through you. So you can only imagine just how powerful their music is, with the right emotions reigning on this, almost an hours worth of live music. Another track, which caught my attention among the other great tunes here, was “Riding High”, again with its atmospheric rhythm and keyboard sections topped off by the superbly sung vocals made it all the more special.

Furthermore, the band plays with so much conviction, you kind of feel as if you’re part of their wild and crazy journey known as Lucifer’s Friend. “Live @ Sweden Rock 2015” is definitely not to be missed, as it will lighten up your world…           Lucifer’s Records/Red Cherry Records     Sarjoo Devani

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