Lou DiBello – Heatwave

Lou DiBello HeatwaveLou DiBello - Heatwave

Solo musician, lead guitarist and songwriter Lou DiBello is back with his fourth solo offering in the form of “Heatwave”.
Musically, the eight cuts on here (several instrumentals and a few strong vocal driven songs) are more in the vein of heavy metal and instrumental rock styles. The overall musicianship is rock solid, with plenty of positive energy flowing throughout the whole album, which in turn has a huge potential to make the listener feel upbeat.
“Full Throttle” is this track, with its full-on positive vibes, and definitely reminds of the good old late eighties heavy metal and hard rock sound. Its heavy, groove powered rhythms and catchy melody hooks just leave you hanging by the edge of your chair.
Vocalist Carsten “Lizard” Schulz brings his best vocal performance on “Heatwave”, definitely making this album hotter than the blasting summer heat. He is a passionate vocalist, who sings his heart out, as can be heard on songs like “The Meeting” and “When All Is Lost”. And the cover track of Michael Schenker’s “Into The Arena” rocks even harder than the original, something, which should make Michael Schenker smile.
DiBello is definitely a well rounded guitarist with plenty of catchy hooks, intricately crafted melodic harmonies, and rhythms that’ll for sure make you bang your head.
I enjoyed the fact, he has influences ranging from the likes of UFO, Michael Schenker, Judas Priest, Tank, Doogie White to even mainstream instrumental guitarist Gary Hoey. However, I tend to find Lou’s playing to be more diverse in style and execution than the latter musicians and bands mentioned above.
The band, which DiBello has assembled to give his music an awesome backdrop of sound, definitely plays with a unique style all their own, while making his guitar rhythms, shred parts and melodies stand out with complete brilliance. His guitar sound and playing is definitely loaded with more gritty attitude than the average listener can handle.
In a concert setting, I am pretty sure, his playing and sound would come over clean among his listeners, as his playing is quite flawless, and in a live setting he’d be able cover for any strange nuances he may encounter, as he is that good.
The overall heavy metal and hard rock sound on “Heatwave” is totally ‘full of positive energy, and it is something sure to make all your day’s stress subside into complete oblivion. Highly worth a listen.   Sarjoo Devani

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One comment on “Lou DiBello – Heatwave
  1. Jeff says:

    It’s good that I stumbled upon this article of yours… I’m looking for recent 80’s vibe heavy metal sound that are actually good. Gonna give Heatwave a try. Thanks!

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