Lords Of Mace (Stoner Southern Rock EP review)

Lords Of Mace EP

Lords Of Mace EP

Lords Of Mace EP

This Winston-Salem, North Carolina quintet, Lords Of Mace play an energetic and a passionately fueled style of Southern stoner metal that’s sure to get you all revved up and going crazy without getting too drunk, haha.

The music on this EP is the type of music you’d raise your fists to in the air and sing-a-long to the band, all the while drinking the fuck out of your mind, oh yeah. Sounds like fun, huh? It is a lot of fun, because I could feel their upbeat and in your face energy creeping through my veins, and this made me feel good to the point; I felt like I was about to pass out.

All kidding aside, the five cuts making up this new EP (“Homeward Angel", "Better Off", "Cherokee Casino", "Rain" and the really bluesy sounding "The Race") make for a damn good listening experience, especially, if you’re into the likes of Kyuss, Black Label Society, Electric Earth and Red Fang. What makes Lord Of Mace interesting to listen to is the fact that they can sound heavy, yet have plenty of sensible, emotional moments within their dirty southern stoner metal vocals, while making sense with their music. Yes, their music flows and sounds good, as it’s put together quite nicely…

Keep in mind, if you’re looking for something ass kicking brutally heavy, this is definitely not your cup of tea, as this is way, way mellow and relaxed in comparison.

Moreover, once you’ve listened to the opening riff on the first track “Homeward Angel”, you’ll be feeling so good, you’ll not even know what hit you, but this is a good quality for a band who do not overdo it musically and vocally within their songs. Their songwriting, playing and delivery is simple, straightforward and to the point, which is what I like in a band of this caliber. The mid section of “Homeward Angel” rocks even harder with some rockin’ blues guitar riffs and rhythms you’ll want to dance along to, haha.

Lords of Mace’s style of southern stoner metal is definitely not the most unique, but it is metal, and the heavy rock and metal spirit is what makes this bunch standout. Give these guys a chance and see how they’ll rock your world without the use of mind-altering chemicals.   Sarjoo Devani

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