KRONOS – Arisen New Era (CD review)

Kronos - Arisen New Era

Kronos - Arisen New Era


KRONOS – Arisen New Era (CD)

This French quartet known as Kronos has been around for 15 years now, and “Arisen New Era” is the band’s third release of ultra sonic brutality.

Musically, this band is solid and tight in the execution of their guttural laden death metal. They’ve some interesting guitar riffs and harmonies scattered throughout the album along with the ultra heavier sections.

The production definitely stands out here, and brings out the band’s overall brutality out on top, whereby you can feel its intensity. All nine songs on here are packed full on with high intensity-jabs, that’s sure to create a knock out within the first few minutes of listening to this CD.

The vocals are more in the guttural, growl vein, nothing that hasn’t been done countless times. This is one of the main aspects that turned me off to Kronos’ brutal death metal, as they’ve not set themselves apart from the many death metal bands that litter the planet, haha.

With such track titles as “Infernal Abyss Sovereignty”, “Zeus Dethroned”, “Klymenos Underwrath” and “Hellysium”, it is hard not to be reminded of Nile’s ancient Egyptian themes, even though what these guys write about is different. Unfortunately, to me all of this mystical death metal shit just sounds the same as, what many others have done before this bunch. Kronos is good at what they do, especially on this new record “Arisen New Era”, but it’s not something that’s going to create any sort of waves in the extreme metal genre, as it’s nothing out of the ordinary. You want to listen to some great rehashed guttural death metal from France, check out Kronos’ mystical, guttural abyss metal. [Unique Leader] Sarjoo Devani

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