KOUZIN BEDLAM – Longing For The Incomplete

Kouzin Bedlam - Longing For The Imcomplete

Kouzin Bedlam - Longing For The Imcomplete


KOUZIN BEDLAM – Longing For The Incomplete (CD)

These guys are from Finlandia? Yes, they are, and they play a rocking and groovin’ mixture of upbeat progressive metal with hints of heavy rock incorporated into their songs.

This quintet play an awesome style of progressive metal blended together with heavy rock and heavy metal music, with tons of emotions and catchy hooks to get you, the listener hooked. “Longing For The Incomplete” is Kouzin Bedlam’s debut CD, and it is an album packed with abundant upbeat energy to make the listener feel damn good. It is this emotion, which flows solidly and so consistently, you cannot even tell at times that it is the same band playing, as their music sounds so out of this world original, yeah! They’ve ten tracks on here and they all have a unique identity yet sound so cohesive, you feel as if you’re at a really good movie, with plenty of twist turns to throw you off your seat. You definitely want to hold on really tight here for dear life…

Moreover, there is not one song on here, which is okay, as they’re all breathtakingly unique and sure to rock your world to the max. It could be the rain, cold darkened skies type of weather in Finland, but these guys have defied that and given their music their own unique shades of colors. Some of these colors range from a warm tone to a much brighter tone, screaming at you to just dance or stage dive to their music of such diverse styles. These guys are so talented, you just feel very good about yourself when you are listening to Kouzin Bedlam’s groove, melodic and progressive powered heavy metal music with hints of rock.

Keep in mind though; this is not for everyone, unless you’re a big fan of Vanden Plas, Jorn, Ark and Kiss. These are some of the closest references I could think of, but the way this Finnish quintet play, they’ll be defining their own genre of music with the creation of “Longing For The Incomplete”. This album is a 10 out of 10, need I say more? [Inverse] Sarjoo Devani

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