KISS Rocks Vegas (Heavy Metal DVD/CD review)


Kiss Rocks Vegas


Kiss Rocks Vegas

Kiss is definitely going kick your butt very hard on “Kiss Rocks Vegas”, a DVD/CD set of one of their nine live performances shot on location at the Hardrock Hotel and Casino, in Las Vegas.

Their theatrical stage presence and production is definitely one of the best I’ve seen, more in line with Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, but with 100% Kiss stage antics. This superbly produced concert makes for one hell of a viewing and listening experience. Lets start with the DVD portion (also available on Blu-Ray), people, visually it does not get any more stimulating than this, as Kiss just about throw everything at their audience members. This profound stage presence also has a huge effect on viewers witnessing this concert performance in their own home. Kiss is not Kiss unless they’re in their wild, hideous, semi-futuristic-looking costumes on stage, and this aspect also adds more savagery to their songs. Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons just obliterate your senses with their memorable lead vocals, on classics such as “Parasite”, “Tears Are Falling”, “War Machine”, “God Of Thunder”, and the all time fan favorite and radio classic hit “Rock And Roll All Nite”. “I Love It Loud”, “Love Gun”, “Lick It Up” among the others goes really well with their killer pyrotechnics and soul mesmerizing laser show throughout their almost two hour set.

Moreover, what makes this an awesome spectacle to watch is the utilization of multiple camera angles, which truly captures the band in its all out glory live. And these camera angles are used to achieve maximum effect, not overly used, whereby you do not know what the heck is going on stage. The clean and crisp footage of the entire performance and Kiss fans going crazy out of their minds definitely shows a band so darn revered the world over.

I can’t believe Kiss performed the same set for their fans nine days straight, and still had energy left in the tank night after night to put on a splendid heavy metal show. This is what I call a band that truly live for their fans, and only wanting to give their 100% every time they abuse their musical instruments.

Lead guitarist, backing vocalist Tommy Thayer and drummer, backing vocalist Eric Singer also put on a tight and solid performance. Their stage presence too, adds more fuel to their fires (literally), and shows how unified they are as a band, when they complete the whole line-up.

In addition, to the awesome-sounding audio CD (which also rocks as hard as it can possibly get), is the quartet’s Kiss Acoustic performance for a select few lucky fans, and they also tear it up acoustically, which comes across sounding brilliant despite them being holed up in a small tight space. Imagine the closeness their lucky fans here must of felt. Few of the classics making it on their seven-track acoustic set include “Coming Home”, “Christine Sixteen” and “Love Her All I Can”.

I was never a big fan of Kiss, with the exception of few of their more popular cuts, which got aired on the local hard rock radio station, but after watching this, I am more of a Kiss believer – hell yeah!!! Excellent.  Eagle Vision     Sarjoo Devani



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