KILLERS – Menace To Society

Killers - Menace To Society

Killers - Menace To Society


KILLERS – Menace To Society (CD)

The fine people at Metal Mind Productions based out of Poland have reissued Killers’ “Menace To Society” along with five bonus tracks, and this album is far removed from what Di’Anno did vocally with Iron Maiden and Killers’ solo recordings. On this album Paul Di’Anno comes across sounding more anger driven kind of like Phil Anselmo of Pantera, and their music is just heavy as Pantera, but you can still feel that heavy metal music edge on “Menace To Society”.

There are 17 tracks on here including the five bonus tracks, which makes for a kick ass listening experience that is if you want Paul Di’Anno to sound like Pantera. The five bonus songs are made of live rehearsal recordings, so it is pretty neat to hear the band in their rawness.

Seriously, “Menace To Society” is a good release, but it sounds like it would’ve been a part of Pantera’s catalogue.

However, it is still Di’Anno, but experimenting with more of an aggressive singing style, with more frustration and anger in the mix. I like this album, but I feel that his distinctive vocals comprised of semi-punk and melodic vocals would’ve made this record even better.

Check out the opening track ”Advance and Be Recognized” as it will have you banging your head to its thrash metal rhythms and in your face, pissed-off vocals, courtesy of Di’Anno, of course. I definitely had my fists flying in the air and head going back and forth on this one.

If you want maximum energy and intensity within your metal, then “Menace To Society” just might blow you away. If you want Pantera, then check out Pantera.     [Metal Mind Productions]     Sarjoo Devani

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