THE KILL – Kill Them…All

The Kill - Kill Them All

The Kill - Kill Them All


THE KILL – Kill Them…All (CD)

Grindcore has always been a strong point of my taste when it comes down to outright noisy and chaotic music, and The Kill from the land of down unda is just that: total grind to the death. This release I’ve a lot of mixed feelings, so keep reading to find out why.

These Aussie’s don’t have much variety within their brand of grindcore besides the usual tremolo powered solos and a few unusual tempo changes. Some of the vocals have slight variation going from screams to words that are shouted out.

The Kill reminds a lot of Brutal Truth than say, early Napalm Death or even Unseen Terror. Brutal Truth is a great influence to have as a band, but their music featured a lot of interesting nuances and dynamics within the music and vocals.

The production and the overall sound on this release are very abrasive, as it would bruise your skin if it came in close contact. “Kill Them…All” is a vicious, chaotic ride through 19 tracks in less than 30 minutes – now that’s something. “The Divine Word” is only 58 seconds in length and just blows by you with hurricane force winds, not even knowing what mowed you down.

Moreover, their lyrics about the screwed up nature of world politics, humanity’s pissy attitude and social ills, which plague our world make things a bit interesting lyrically, speaking.

Do The Kill have potential, yep, and a lot of it, as they know what they’re doing with their instruments, but a little more depth and structure in the songwriting would go miles. Nothing to brag about, just grindcore done the mediocre way, maybe to create some sort of strange buzz within the underground. [Blastasfuk] Sarjoo Devani

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