KELAKOS – Uncorked – Rare Tracks From A Vintage 70s Band

Kelakos - Uncorked

Kelakos - Uncorked


KELAKOS – Uncorked – Rare Tracks From A Vintage 70s Band (CD)

Kelakos was an active rock & roll band in the mid-late 70s who never got any national recognition, but did manage to write some quality tunes and managed to play local gigs.

With influences ranging from Credence Clearwater Revival to Led Zeppelin, the quartet penned some catchy groove generated cuts. This 15 track CD is a good example of how fired up this band was back in the time of classic 70s rock & roll, as they put their hearts into every note they played.

With fat guitar, groove driving rhythms of opening track “Boogie Bad Express” to the emotionally charged vocal harmonies of closer “There’s A Feeling” , you’re going to feel the heat created by this 70s rock foursome. All of their songs are passionately written with tons of positive vibes that’s sure to make the listener light up with complete elation.

I can’t really pick any single track of off this CD, as all of the songs made me feel good, and playing it loud just intensifies this true human emotion. “Uncorked – Rare Tracks From A Vintage 70s band” brings back memories of a time when rock music was written with sincerity and talent, which the rock music scene of today lacks sorely. Whatever happened to real talent and quality songwriting traits?

I am very happy that Kelakos re-issued these rare chops from their 70s crypt of mementos.

I am actually very surprised these guys did not become as big as they possibly could have with their honest and sincere way of writing quality rock & roll.

I guess, major labels back in those days had red-sore thumbs up their asses as to how they would market and deal with a band of such style, persona and professionalism with the songwriting musicianship.

Check out this cool release from a time long gone, because rock & roll will never be the same thanks to George Michael Kelakos Haberstroth, Mark Converse Sisson, Lincoln Palmer Bloomfield, Jr. and Carl Patrick Canedy. Sarjoo Devani

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