Journey – Live In Manila (Blu-Ray DVD + 2 CD set review)

Live In Manila


Journey – Live In Manila (Rock Music Blu-Ray+2 CD set review)

Wow! This was the first word out of my mouth when I hit the play button on my Blu-Ray player, and witnessed Journey’s live energy with current lead singer Arnel Pineda.

Sure, former Journey singer/songwriter Steve Perry was excellent, but Pineda definitely fits perfectly into Perry’s shoes as Journey’s lead singer. His stage persona and solid character as a frontman makes this “Live In Manila” concert one hell of a visually tantalizing ride here. The rest of the band too, get into their classics such as “Only The Young”, “Wheel In The Sky”, “Open Arms”, and the ballad-esque “When You Love A Woman”.

Guitarist/songwriter Neal Schon along with Keyboarist Jonathan Cain, bassist Ross Valory and drummer Deen Cantronovo put on a solid live performance with lead vocalist Arnel Pineda. These five guys gel so well, and create feelings of such memorable energy, you just want to dance along to their positive-sounding songs.

The production of the entire concert footage is executed really well, with many unique camera angles capturing the band in its awesome stage performance. And the musicianship too is fantastic, as you feel the high-octane power just fly right through you. I’m quite sure, checking out Journey perform their classic cuts in a concert setting is out of this world, but watching them on this disc is the next best thing if you’ve never seen them live.

Some of the other classics from this two hour show include the radio chart topping “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)”, definitely one of my favorite songs from this rock group, “Escape”, “Faithfully”, “Don’t Stop Believin’” and “Be Good To Yourself” among countless other songs featured here as well.

The audio portion of the two CDs included in this set, also rock, with superb audio production and mixing done by Kevin Shirley.

The songs featured on the two CDs here, also follow the same sequence of the songs showcased on their Blu-Ray DVD. I love the fact that the live CDs also follow their set list from the DVD, as sometimes, bands have different footage from what is contained on a DVD and live recordings featured on discs.

Lastly, the packaging of a four panel foldout Digipac makes this release all that more enticing, with photos of the band from their live gig in Manila, from March 14th 2009.

Sure Steve Perry will always be missed in Journey, but a new Chapter is already in process with current member Arnel Pineda, who is equally talented and charismatic as a frontman for a band of Journey’s stature. Excellent!        Eagle Vision/UMG       Sarjoo Devani

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