Jeff Hughell – Trinidad Scorpion Hallucinations (Melodic/Heavy Instrumental album review)

Jeff Hughell - Trinidad Scorpion Hallucinations

Jeff Hughell - Trinidad Scorpion Hallucinations


Jeff Hughell – Trinidad Scorpion Hallucinations

Trinidad Scorpion Hallucinations Bassist extraordinaire, songwriter and metalhead Jeff Hughell is back with his newest release in the form of “Trinidad Scorpion Hallucinations”, which is loaded with killer bass grooves, licks, harmonies and rhythms powerful enough to knock you down.

What makes Hughell’s style of bass playing so unique is the way he approaches in his accurate, not too heavy string plucking, and exhibits plenty of fluidity in his technique. His fingers fly effortlessly without applying such drastic measures, as using constant bass effects and distortion in his bass amp.

The bass guitar is just that on this six-track e.p., a bass guitar, which keeps solid rhythm while keeping the song arrangements interesting and unique in sound. The drumming is spot-on flawless, with plenty of odd time signatures, which at times reminds of Cynic’s “Focus” album.

The title track “Trinidad Scorpion Hallucinations” is a great example of fluid bass brutality and almost grind-like drum workouts blended in nicely with intricate guitar leads and riffs sure to throw your head into a blissful tailspin. This song has everything from the extremes of metal to the more calm-sounding melodic rock and metal guitar parts.

Moreover, then you have a very serene tune like “Brief Lapse Of Clarity”, with its melodic guitar playing backed by tastefully thought-out bass playing, which just goes so well hand in hand with the guitar work.

What makes “Trinidad Scorpion Hallucination” different than Jeff’s debut album “Chaos Labyrinth”, is the fact that he has matured as a solid songwriter and has incorporated much more musical diversity with the some cool rock, jazz, metal and extreme metal elements fused to flow really well.

If you’re looking for some serious shred guitar work and out of this world drumming that pummels the senses, don’t bother here, as this is a musicians’ music driven album. The only track that even possibly comes close would be the ass kickin' title cut “Trinidad Scorpion Hallucinations”.

If you want to learn some serious bass playing techniques and metal instrumentals, which are interesting, then this is an excellent source to improve your own playing. Calling all bass players and songwriters… Sarjoo Devani

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Check out one Jeff Hughell's newest title track "Trinidad Scorpion Hallucinations", which is one of my standout tracks on his six song e.p.


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