JEFF HUGHELL – Chaos Labyrinth

Jeff Hughell - Chaos Labyrinth

Jeff Hughell - Chaos Labyrinth


JEFF HUGHELL – Chaos Labyrinth (CD)

Having played on Six Feet Under’s “Unborn” album and with chaotic death metal stalwarts Brain Drill, technical bassist Jeff Hughell shows off his musically much diverse side on “Chaos Labyrinth”.

“Chaos Labyrinth” is a superb culmination of Jeff’s heavier, brutal influences mixed in with the more conservative classical, heavy groove metal and jazz-fusion influences. His style of songwriting and bass playing technique is very unique, as he goes for more of a cleaner tone, yet keeping all ten of his instrumental cuts interesting here. The ten songs on display here are a superb display of Hughell’s physical dexterity, skillful picking craft on his 7-string bass guitar. This guy has mastered the playing of a 7-string guitar with so much finesse, you can feel his emotions with such fluidity.

“Jagermeister Death Grind” just rips through your speakers with its ungodly death/ grind bass and drum tactics. The drumming assault on here comes courtesy of death/grind drum maniac Kevin Talley. The bass and guitar rhythms along with the shredding guitar solo here is sure to rip your heart out. This song is more lethal than you could ever imagine…

What I like about “Chaos Labyrinth” is the fact, that Hughell not only is challenging himself as a songwriter, bassist, but he is daring enough to cross-uncharted auditory realms of the unknown kind.

With a line up of accomplished musicians including some well known names from from the death metal scene including Alex Webster, Kevin Talley and bassist extraordinaire Steve Di Giorgio, Jeff Hughell is sure to impress fans of extreme metal and instrumental rock with his talented showing on “Chaos Labyrinth”. You can obtain more information at: Sarjoo Devani

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