J.D. OVERDRIVE – The Kindest Of Deaths

J.D. Overdrive - The Kindest Of Deaths

J.D. Overdrive - The Kindest Of Deaths


J.D. OVERDRIVE – The Kindest Of Deaths (CD)

It is hard to believe when listening to J.D. Overdrive’s blend of down and dirty and melodic U.S. Southern heavy rock, and they also hail from Poland too. Yes, you damn well read the first sentence correctly, as this quartet is from Poland.

“The Kindest Of Deaths” is their third album, and features some superbly played guitar harmonies and grooves along with a crushing rhythm section. “The Lesser Evil” and “The Fury In Me” are great examples of this killer concoction of solid guitar grooves, rhythms and passionately sung vocals. The vocals go from an attitude-driven crooning to more of an angst-fueled energy.

Susel’s singing is powerful, heavy, melodic and in your face, just bursting with solidness that’s sure to throw your emotional state of mind into great turmoil. Stempel’s blues and metal driven rhythms feature tons of catchy grooves and licks that’s sure to make the listener bang their head until they pass out, literally. “The Kindest Of Deaths” may sound outright depressing, but once you put this 11 tracker on and hit the play button, you’re in for the treat of your life. People, J.D. Overdrive’s music gives an instant high, so inhale it as hard as you can and suck it in, so you can feel their eternal bliss.

The sound, mix and production on this album also make a huge difference, as the recording has an awesome live feeling to it – you kind of feel as if the band is playing in front of you. In order to experience “The Kindest Of Deaths” in all its auditory glory, you’ll definitely need to crank this son of a bitch up to 20 on your volume dial. Once you’ve achieved the higher levels in your volume settings, you’ll be feeling J.D. Overdrive, as if you were a part of their band – this shit is for real, goddamn it!

Highly recommended for fans of Black Label Society, COC, Electric Earth and Kyuss. [Metal Mind Productions] Sarjoo Devani

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