Iscarioth – I am The Arm (Black Metal album review)

Iscarioth-I am The Arm

Iscarioth-I am The Arm

Iscarioth – I am The Arm

Iscarioth, who hail from Russia, play a wickedly punishing blend of experimental black metal with hints of death metal.

“I am The Arm” at times, reminds of the black/death metal band Aeternus, but with the atmospheric influences of early Enslaved and Samael. This quartet’s style is hellishly heavy with tons of atmosphere and ungod-like vocals that’ll surely set the listener’s ears on fire, yeah!! “The Sail Of Mental Sea” has more of experimental and atmospheric synthesizer passages with a distorted wall of sound coming at you like a freight train out of total control. It’s pretty interesting to hear, how well these guys blend the tripped out experimental synth and soundbytes within their interesting style of black metal, yet giving you enough room to witness your mind’s complete obliteration.

“Juros Svente” have a nice and tranquil acoustic parts along with soundbytes of seagulls and clean vocals, which have a very folk-inspired flare to it. It’s few of the tracks such as this track, which give Iscarioth their eerie and experimental black metal sound.

The superb and clean studio production only adds a lot of depth and spatial dimensions to their songs here. The production being so good, you can hear the chaotic insanity of the snare and double bass drum explosions along with the razor sharp guitar rhythms and vocals that just swallow you alive. Imagine being eaten up alive by a fire breathing dragon, and you can only imagine how morbid and agonizing your end would be.

Check out “I am The Arm”, as it is much heavier on disc than what the band’s moniker suggests.    Symbol Of Domination     Sarjoo Devani

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