IRON MAIDEN – The Final Frontier [Universal Music Group]


Band leader and frontman, Bruce Dickinson is back with his conspirators in Iron Maiden, and their latest release “The Final Frontier” proves the point that Iron Maiden still have it in their style of heavy pounding rhythms and memorable heavy metal anthems.

This 10-song CD is 76 minutes in length and all of the cuts here are 100% Iron Maiden at its finest.

Listening to “The Final Frontier” is like going on an intricate journey of heart pounding rhythms, melodic riffing, harmony and power driven vocals, and an atmosphere that is all Iron Maiden. It’s hard to explain, so don’t take my word for it, and listen to their opening track, “Satellite 15… The Final Frontier” and you will feel as if you’re Eddie’s orbit of immense darkness and space without any boundaries. Sounds scary as hell? It is, but in a positive way that’ll get you banging your head and swinging your fists in air while you listen to this beast of a song.

From the catchy choruses and melodic riffs on “Mother Of Mercy” to the infectious verses and superbly composed arrangements on “When The Wild Wind Blows”, you’re certainly in for a rockin’ ride of a lifetime.

And another song I very much enjoyed listening to was “El Dorado” due to Dickinson’ s aggressive vocal passages and passionate singing. I bet this guy can move mountains with his energetic singing. The almost semi-thrashy guitar rhythm arrangements preceding their superbly played lead runs fucking kicks major ass, oh ya!!!!

Keep in mind, one thing, Iron Maiden has always been a love it or hate them type of band as they first and foremost play to please themselves and “The Final Frontier” is no different as this album will take a good couple of spins to get into the swing of things.

This album was produced quite well by producer Kevin Shirley, so the sound, mix and everything else shine within the production values on this record.

“The Final Frontier” is a solid concoction of “Somewhere In Time”, “Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son”, “Fear Of The Dark” and “Brave New World.

Iron Maiden has written a gem of a release with “The Final Frontier” and is 100% heavy metal at its finest.

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