Intrinsic – Nails (Power/Thrash Metal album review)

Intrinsic - Nails

Intrinsic - Nails


Intrinsic – Nails

Intrinsic, a five piece power/thrash metal band hailing from the Bay Area region of California, widely known for its power hitters: Testament, Death Angel, Forbidden, Vio-Lence and Exodus from its thrash metal hay day.

Intrinsic is also from around this school of thrash metal with a good portion of power metal and very confused heavy rock sensibilities.

“Nails” is a so-so album as far as I am concerned, mainly due to its inconsistency within the styles of the songs featured here. Tracks 1-6 have that genuine thrash and power metal feel to them, with the exception of “Mourn For Her”, which is packed with some really cool rock-styled acoustic guitar parts with melodic leads and riffs brimming with heavy emotions. Also tracks “State Of The Union” and “Fight No More” within tracks 1-6 have a killer, eighties/nineties thrash metal ballsy rhythms meet power metal vocals, which pack a punch with pure aggression.

Tracks 7-13 is where the band loses it, with the only exception being, the thrash metal/shred laden instrumental “Yikes”. Which just buries your face knee deep into the sonic filth it creates. Apart from this instrumental cut here, tracks 7-13 features violin passages to Black Sabbathy rhythms, and the drug-induced vocals on Cannabis Sativa is a fucking joke, as this does not even go with the album. “Dazed And Confused” is a total Led Zeppelin cop out, which is not even funny, but more so embarrassing, with its down tuned guitar riffs and rhythms reminiscent of Led Zeppelin, though not done as tastefully.

“Nails” would have been a total hit, but the confused songwriting here just spoils the songs that show Intrinsic’s ability to play a style of heavy metal long forgotten.

Don’t expect anything out of this world or even close to being what made the California Bay Area sound so well known the world over, in the nineties. Dive Bomb Records Sarjoo Devani


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