Internal Bleeding - Imperium

Internal Bleeding - Imperium


Finally, Internal Bleeding is back with an album that is 110% them, as “Imperium” is a superb culmination of their earlier works, as well as their raw, sonic brutality taken to a whole new level of aural violence. These guys definitely deliver the lethal goods on “Imperium” with great magnitude and ill will.

Opener, “Fabricating Bliss” just forges ahead and tears your ears off with its suffocated vocals, then track number two, “The Visitant” pours sulfuric acid into your wounds, all the while their perverse rhythms are bashing your skull into millions of minute fragments. If you think this is cold blooded and earth shattering, the remainder of the album simply obliterates the soul. The three song trilogy, “Patterns of Force is something new with this death metal bunch, but it fits the album’s scope of death metal music quite well. The eerie and haunting acoustic guitar and synth passages on the first song of off this trilogy: “Patterns Of Force – Act 1 – The Discovery” is unique to Internal Bleeding’s style of old school death metal, but fits the rabid nature of the chaos found here. The guitars are slow and agonizing, thereby inflicting immense suffering on your helpless corpse. “Patterns Of Force – Act 2- Plague Agenda” starts off slow and groove driven with some heavy muted guitar strings, but picks up pace to smack you in the face, leaving you crawling for more torture. The lead run on this track will leave burn marks on your flesh too, as it’s executed with such scolding insanity, you’ll feel the pain on this bitch. “Patterns Of Force – Act 3 – Aftermath” is the end of this trilogy, which is sure to seal your unmarked grave with its pounding guitar and bass rhythms, and a drumming assault that just does not let up until you’re completely depleted of life. Also, a note of interest here, if you were fan of Internal Bleeding’s first growler Frank Rini from the early days, you’ll be pleased as he lends his guttural talents on this three part trilogy. Terrence Hobbs and Frank Mullen of Suffocation also lend their sickness here as well.

The other tracks are mosh-inducing vehicles of pure self-torture; so do not be surprised if you find yourself moshing all over your loved ones, hell yeah! These nine cuts are very fucking contagious and inhumane, so if you want to experience great pain and total death at high speeds and total rhythmic pounding, “Imperium” will surely get the job done, no doubt about it.

The production and sound are nothing short of superb as the band and Joe Cincotta, at Full Force Studio, produced the album... Get ready to mosh and slam, as “Imperium” has all the ingredients to one fucking hell of an earth shattering experience. New York’s Internal Bleeding violently kill on “Imperium”, and this is no understatement, as their brand of death metal music is brilliant.          [Unique Leader]       Sarjoo Devani

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